Corporate Mission

Our Mission

To grow safe, clean, nutritious food through ethical, transparent and sustainable methods.

Through clean farming practices and implementing traceability protocols, we are able to verify our environmental and food quality claims. By investing in every meaningful step in our production – from the farm, to the packaging process, all the way to the pantry – we are able to ensure food integrity.

Pomona Farming is:

Becoming an industry leader in
thoughtful agriculture on
a global scale

Transforming how people understand
and connect with their food

Investing in our employees’ educational and skill development

Protecting the habitats that we share
with the wildlife surrounding our farmlands

Engaging with our communities by
supporting local schools, education
and hunger relief efforts

With a

Aligned With the Best

Driven by our mission, we are capitalizing on collaboration with our brand partners, who are philosophically aligned and inspired to take action with us. These partnerships allow us to verify our food quality and safety guarantee.

Grown by People Who Care

We are thoughtful and purposeful in every aspect of food production. Because we know where we are and what we do there has real impact, our priorities are to help and to feed people, create jobs and support the vibrance of our communities.

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