October 25th, 2018

Bennett Water Systems Brings the Latest in Water Technology to Trinitas Partners

Bennett Water Systems offers the latest in water conservation engineering, construction, remote monitoring, and controls.

LEMOORE, Calif., October 25, 2018 ( -​Bennett Water Systems, is excited to announce their new strategic partnership with Trinitas Partners, LLC, bringing the farming operation to the forefront of water conservation and innovation.

“Trinitas has always been one of the most environmentally conscious farming operations in the state of California, and they are constantly on the leading edge of water efficiency and stewardship on all of their farms. Due to their continued investment in water conservation and efficiency, we believe that they currently have one of the lowest metrics in the state for water use per unit of production,” said Tyler Bennett, CEO of Bennett Water Systems. “They definitely understand that in California, every drop conserved can be used elsewhere for local communities and the environment. We admire them for growing food to feed a very hungry world, while at the same time making significant efforts to farm in the most sustainable way possible.”

While the strategic partnership is now officially in the books, the two companies have been working together for a few years to improve water use on acquired properties and to develop new properties that have had significant water challenges due to the drought and climate change.

“Strong strategic partnerships, such as the one that we now enjoy with Bennett Water Systems, allow us to continue expanding our organization while knowing that our water systems are engineered and built with the most efficient use of water in mind,” said Ceil Howe, Director of Farming. “It has always been important for us to produce food in a manner that minimizes the use of natural resources, and we have found that Bennett Water Systems is the best company to partner with in order to achieve our goals since they share our passion for resource conservation.”

About Bennett Water Systems:

Bennett Water Systems provides market leading and innovative solutions for water management and conservation to its clients, which are primarily agriculture operations in the Western U.S. The Company utilizes its vast experience, engineering capabilities and deep knowledge of soils, climate, crops, water regulations and farm economics to design, construct and maintain a variety of customized water systems.

About Trinitas Partners, LLC:

Trinitas Partners, LLC is a private equity investment company that specializes in identifying superior investments within sectors characterized by favorable supply/demand dynamics and in which hard assets and real property play a central role. Trinitas’ investors, which include both families and institutions, are some of the world’s most discriminating. Trinitas’ principals have deep experience in private equity and real property investing along with strong consulting and operations experience. Most importantly, Trinitas values and practices uncompromising integrity, intellectual rigor, disciplined execution, and a spirit of service.

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