October 6th, 2021

Flagstone Partnership (literally) for the Bees

Our commitment to bee pollinator health in our farming practices – is definitely not a secret.

In fact, we never get tired of thinking about and talking about the ways in which Pomona Farming goes above and beyond to protect and promote bee health and their habitats. But we continue to push boundaries and look for ways to continue this work not only on our own farmlands and in our farming practices, but also with whom we partner.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with a stellar company, Flagstone Foods, a Minneapolis, Minn. based snack company. Flagstone makes delicious nut-based snacks for the private label industry. They are committed to traceability, ethical sourcing, sustainable farming, and bee- and butterfly-friendly practices. So much so, they recently pledged to source 100% of their almonds from bee-friendly farms by 2025.

We are proud to be their new partner and provider of almonds for their nut snacks.

Flagstone Foods commitment to bee sustainability practices meant that Pomona had to prove our efforts aligned with their promises. The Flagstone Foods team visited some of our California farms to see firsthand the lengths Pomona goes to in order to protect habitats and pollinators and to promote sustainability in all that we do on our roughly 50,000 acres of in farmlands (just in the Central Valley, alone).

The team chose to come during last year’s almond bloom to see Pomona’s sustainable farming practices in action. They were particularly interested in our use of pesticides (or lack thereof) and the overall breadth of our commitment to environmental stewardship—from irrigation to innovative agricultural technologies.

While nearly half of our acreage is in California’s Central Valley, we have additional farmlands throughout the state as well as on the island paradise of Maui. And all of it is farmed and managed in the same ways and with the same purpose: to meet our six keystone missions of reducing our carbon footprint, achieving zero waste, conserving water, implementing sustainable pest and weed management and ultimately ensuring that the bees are healthy and happy.

But here’s the thing.

To do this well and do this right it is not easy and, most assuredly, it is not the cheapest route to take. And while pursing these goals is essential to Pomona Farming’s missions, goals and even our collective cultural identity as a producer, we know we couldn’t do it without partners who feel as we do and whose vision for sustainability aligns with ours.

Flagstone Foods is just such a partner. And we couldn’t be more excited about what they’re doing and sharing in their unique and inspiring farm to package story.

Mahi Article

Check out the cover article in the Fall 2021 issue of National Nut Grower about Flagstone Foods’ pledge to source 100% of its almonds from bee-friendly farms by 2025.