Pest & Weed Management

Our Goal: To increase adoption of natural and biophilic pest management tools.

We use natural biochemistry, science and technology to minimize weeds and pests and promote the health of our soils and crops.

Going Above & Beyond…

We do not use any Organophosphate insecticides or neo-nictine pesticides, anywhere.

Sustainable Pest Control

Combining technologies and biophilic philosophies means that at Pomona Farming, you can be confident that your food has been grown with minimal use of pesticides and chemicals, guaranteed.

Winter Sanitation
We remove empty nut shells, spoiled fruit and other byproducts from the ground and the trees on 100% of our farmlands, everywhere. For almonds specifically, this removes the main food source and shelter for Navel Orangeworm larvae and reduces the number of damage-causing insects from taking flight in spring.

Owl Boxes
We have installed multiple owl boxes throughout both our organic and conventional acres to reduce vertebrate pressures. Our owls provide natural rodent population control eliminating the need for poisons and pesticides.

Weed Mat
We currently implement Weed Mat on 2% of ranches. Weed Mat prevents weed seeds beneath the soil from sprouting which limits the need to use herbicides and helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation. This technology also offers erosion control on hilltops subject to washout from heavy rains.

We are piloting this new weed spray system which uses special cameras that detect the light signature of chlorophyll so that it only applies the herbicide to individual weeds. Trials of this technology have shown to reduce herbicide application by as much as 80%. In 2020, we utilized WEEDit on over 17% of Californian orchards.

The combination of Weed Mat + WEEDit has resulted in an overall 35% reduction in the use of herbicides in 2020. We have created a plan to have 50% reduction on all developed lands by 2023.