Zero Waste

Our Goal: To work towards zero waste by putting everything we grow to optimal use.

We naturally enrich our soils and sustainably grow clean food by composting and recycling byproduct materials.

Going Above & Beyond…

We responsibly upcycle all livestock waste into usable compost that is spread onto our finishing fields to improve soil health and therefore, the quality of our grass-fed beef.

Responsible and Resourceful

At Pomona Farming, we are minimizing negative agricultural impacts by maximizing available resources, seeking ways to reuse and repurpose what many operations consider to be waste.  In doing so, we are protecting the environment and forging new paths in sustainability.

Almond Hull Composting
Almond hulls are no longer throw-away byproducts. In 2020, we used ground up hulls and reintroduced the nutrients as a soil amendment on 10% of our California farmland, and plan to double that practice by the end of 2021.

Almond Hulls as Livestock Feed
Almond hulls are also an excellent source of soluble sugars and contain high levels of cellulose. Pomona’s almond hulls are a leading food staple for U.S. dairy cows and a growing food source for other livestock.

Almond Shell Composting

Pruning & Attrition Recycling
By grinding up our trees and pruning clippings to amend our soil, we lessen our carbon footprint and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers. This practice improves soil health and helps to address climate change.

Whole Orchard Recycling
As orchards reach the end of their production life, we implement whole orchard recycling by grinding up the trees, creating soil remediation through the spread of wood chipping, and sequestering carbon. This practice not only increases crop productivity and water use efficiencies but also reduces our greenhouse gas emissions.