Traceability Matters

We believe you have a right to know how your food is grown and where it comes from so that you can be confident that the entire process was undertaken sustainably, with integrity and with your food safety as the paramount priority.

We track and record everything going into our crops – from seeds to fertilizers to protection agents – and make certain it is all authenticated and reviewed by our staff agronomist. Then we continue to track our crops throughout the processing, packaging and USDA- approval process.

the Right

Accountable Agriculture

A growing number of consumers care deeply about where their food comes from and how it is grown. We encourage this kind of curiosity. Knowledge empowers choices, so we offer a steadfast commitment to sharing our information and being as transparent as possible.

Ownership in the Process

Pomona Farming is committed to successful vertical integration in agriculture. This means we are personally invested and moving towards owning or co-owning the operations of every phase of food production – from our farms and orchards to your kitchen cabinet. This model allows us to provide the ultimate in quality control and give you real control over the quality of the food you feed your family.