June 20th, 2023

Deanna Eakin Appointed Global Managing Director of Sustainability for Pomona Farming Subsidiaries

Driving Sustainability for a Greener Future

Redwood City, June 20, 2023 — Pomona Farming is thrilled to announce the appointment of Deanna Eakin as the Global Managing Director of Sustainability for all company subsidiaries, including Pomona Farming LP, Trinitas Farming, LLC, Mahi Pono, LLC, and Alfrus S.R.L. With her extensive experience and passion for sustainability, Eakin will spearhead the company’s commitment to enhancing its sustainability initiatives through the establishment of a dedicated sustainability department.

Mrs. Eakin brings over a decade of expertise in sustainability within the farming and nut manufacturing industries. In her current role, she has been instrumental in driving Pomona Farming’s global agriculture sustainability platforms, effectively communicating the value of sustainability programs to both internal and external stakeholders. As a dedicated sustainability client engagement architect, Eakin has developed and executed innovative marketing strategies, positioning clients for success in sustainable agriculture. Her strong focus on delivering impactful results and leading environmentally conscious practices aligns perfectly with Pomona Farming’s vision for long-term sustainability and profitability.

“Deanna Eakin’s appointment as the Global Managing Director of Sustainability marks an exciting milestone for our company,” said Ryon Paton, CEO of Pomona Farming. “Her passion for sustainability and her ability to drive change will play a pivotal role in advancing our commitment to environmental stewardship across all our subsidiaries. With her strategic vision and leadership skills, we are confident that Deanna will further strengthen our sustainability efforts and drive long-term growth.”

In her new position, Mrs. Eakin will lead the development and implementation of sustainable business strategies across all company subsidiaries. She will collaborate closely with internal teams and external partners to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the business, from operations to decision-making processes. Eakin will leverage her expertise in strategic communication, leadership, and ESG principles to drive the company’s sustainability agenda forward.

“I am thrilled to take on the role of our Global Managing Director of Sustainability for Pomona,” said Deanna Eakin. “Sustainability is a critical pillar in our businesses and I am committed to driving meaningful change by implementing environmentally conscious practices that ensure long-term sustainability and profitability. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it is a commitment to responsible practices that benefit the environment, the communities we operate in, and our businesses. By establishing a dedicated sustainability department, we are reinforcing our dedication to driving positive change and ensuring that sustainability is at the core of all our operations.”

Pomona Farming and its subsidiary companies are dedicated to sustainable farming practices, innovation, and community engagement. The appointment of Deanna Eakin as Global Managing Director of Sustainability reaffirms the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

About Pomona Farming:
Pomona Farming is dedicated to cultivating safe, clean, and nutritious food through ethical, transparent, and sustainable practices. Their holistic sustainability platform, Pomona Cares, is customer-driven and utilizes cutting-edge technology, modern science, and smart business strategies to create long-lasting environmental and social impacts. With a focus on delivering the safest and cleanest food, Pomona continuously strives to improve its sustainability initiatives and ‘Earth-Smart’ farming practices. They prioritize resource management, biodiversity conservation, and community support, aiming to set higher standards in the farming industry. Pomona’s diverse range of crops, including raisins, pistachios, olives, almonds (both conventional and organic), and walnuts, spans over 33,000 acres, allowing them to make a real impact and contribute to a better future.

About Trinitas Farming:
Trinitas Farming, LLC is a leading agricultural company that aims to be a model for best practices in the California almond industry. They are committed to stewarding the land, responsible water usage, and protecting the environment. Valuing their employees and fostering a family culture, Trinitas takes pride in producing healthy and nutritious food enjoyed worldwide. They prioritize local vendors, positive relationships with neighbors, and actively support community causes. Offering a range of farm management and agricultural business services, Trinitas oversees diverse farms owned by local families, employees, and investors. Their dedication to industry best practices and constant pursuit of learning and innovation drives their success. With a focus on people and the community, Trinitas provides jobs, invests in the local economy, and actively participates in supporting community organizations. As stewards of the land, they prioritize sustainability, employing solar installations, soil health preservation, efficient drip irrigation, and care for sensitive habitats.

About Mahi Pono:
Mahi Pono, LLC is a local Maui farming company dedicated to the transformation of approximately 41,000 acres of vacant former sugar cane land into a flourishing center of diversified agriculture. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Mahi Pono practices responsible and eco-friendly agriculture, aiming to produce food for local consumption. Guided by a deep respect for the natural resources entrusted to them, the company strives to be a responsible steward of Maui’s land, water, and renewable energy sources. Mahi Pono places high importance on providing quality agricultural employment that can benefit generations to come. Sustainability is the cornerstone of their operations, and they are dedicated to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of their farming operations.

About Alfrus, S.R.L:
Alfrus, S.R.L. is a company that takes pride in its experience, care, and meticulous attention to every stage of the almond transformation process. With a deep-rooted passion for excellence, Alfrus is committed to upholding values and ensuring quality in their operations. The company places great emphasis on environmental sustainability and takes significant measures to protect the ecosystem. Alfrus selects only the finest almonds from farms that prioritize respect and care for nature, conducting regular on-site audits to guarantee sustainable agricultural practices. In their processing and transformation cycle, Alfrus maintains the genuine flavors of the almonds while minimizing environmental impact through the use of clean energy plants. Waste reduction, recycling, and the responsible use of resources are key focuses for the company. Alfrus promotes environmental awareness and sustainability among its employees through training courses, aiming to continuously improve their environmental performance. By making conscious and responsible choices, Alfrus strives to not only deliver high-quality almonds but also safeguard the environment for present and future generations.