About Us

Higher Standards From the Start

From the beginning, as our farming operations really began to take root, we realized that we wanted to turn a traditional process into one that would set higher standards.

We saw an opportunity to bring capital and resource management tools to farming one of California’s largest crops, almonds. Yes, we knew that almonds were “thirsty”, but we had a vision to develop new almond orchards using the best water conservation tools and practices, while also protecting surrounding habitats and mitigating pesticide use. Several years later, we now grow a wide variety of “clean” foods, not just in California, but in Hawaii as well.

“I want to transform how people
understand and connect with their
food at every level.”

Ryon Paton, Principal, Pomona Farming

Caring for Our Communities

At Pomona Farming, we do more than just agriculture. We seek to create rewarding career opportunities for our people and to invest meaningfully in our communities. We continually innovate our farming practices to protect valuable resources on and around our farmlands. And, we give back to our communities through financial, food and other donations.

Growing good food means focusing on every detail

Our Commitment to You

Pomona Farming is on a mission to become one of the world’s premiere provider of clean nut and fruit ingredients, providing consumers with the utmost transparency and food safety from the farm gate to the brand — as with our Brand Partners here.